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Hot Springs, Arkansas is the oldest federal park in the U.S., though it was set aside before the concept of a federal park even existed. The land and hot springs were set aside close to 200 years ago, with bathhouses built for the benefit of bathing in the natural hot springs.

Though the prevalence of bathhouses has declined and some of their buildings have been converted to museums, the area has new life as the center of town. Now, the beauty of the area remains valued by visitors to Bathhouse Row and the surrounding neighborhoods


Where to Stay

With the history and prominence of the bathhouses in town, it only makes sense to stay in one. Hotel Hale is a luxury hotel and was formerly the Bathhouse Hale. Right on Bathhouse Row, it is known for exceptional service and the eclectic decor in each room. 

Hotel Hale is in close vicinity to many of the top attractions as well. Take a walk on The Grand Promenade to overlook all of downtown Hot Springs and soak in the sun. After, seek reward and stop by the Superior Bathhouse Brewery for a craft beer on the patio. 

What to Do

When exploring Hot Springs National Park, prioritize time spent enjoying nature. There are many hiking trails available that will enable you to best experience the Hot Springs, waterfalls, and foliage that make the park so enticing. The Sanderson Dam Bridge is an easy hike within the Northwood Trails, and the bridge itself is open to pedestrians and cyclists.

To enjoy the scenery from a different perspective, book a reservation at Adventureworks. You can choose between zipline and ropes course options and spend an afternoon in the sky. If that’s not intense enough, visit Hot Springs Off Road Park and rent a Side x Side. The off-road trails cover more than 1,200 acres of land to give you plenty to navigate.

 A must-see on your trip, the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort has it all. Horse racing is a popular activity through early May, and even first-timers can place wagers. Meanwhile, the Casino offers an entertaining respite during off-time. 

Food & Drink

Hot Springs offers a mix of high end dining and casual eats to suit whatever occasion. The Vault is housed in the original 1890’s Bank Building in Historic Downtown Hot Springs and is a popular choice for dinner. Book a reservation ahead of time to ensure you get to try the tuna tataki and their prized New Zealand stag. For casual eating, Sam’s Pizza Pub and Restaurant is a hidden gem in the area. Locals love the “Super Sam” pizza and the outdoor seating on the water.

During the Prohibition era, the Hot Springs National Park was visited by all sorts of characters, from gangsters to politicians. Al Capone was known to visit The Ohio Club for a drink. Now, you can swing by Arkansas’ oldest bar for food and drink. You can also swing by The Heist for cocktails in a dimly lit and atmospheric space. 


Take the Trip

Hot Springs is nothing if not full of character. The recommended times of year to visit are spring or fall to catch the best weather and foliage. However, the World Championship Running of the Tubs is of the most unique Hot Springs traditions and takes place in the beginning of June. 

This uncommon vacation destination proves to be the best combination of relaxation and adventure. On your visit, pair the Lauderdale Performance Sport Shirt  and the Clubhouse Stretch Five-Pocket Pant for the perfect refined casual outfit. Outfit your next adventure with GenTeal and visit Hot Springs!

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