Our Story

Outfitting your next adventure

The journey begins

Subtle, quiet luxury. The desire to create a premium men’s clothing brand that embodied those qualities was the motivation behind the creation of GenTeal Apparel. Forged over cocktails in Oxford, MS, GenTeal is the essence of work-to-weekend wear, delivering functionality and comfort for your next adventure.

Distinction, refinement, adventure

Blue-Winged Teal

The distinctive blue feathers on the male blue-winged teal’s wings set it apart from other waterfowl. An agile bird, the blue-winged teal demonstrates an elegant flight pattern and undertakes a long migration journey each year. One of the first birds to head south in the fall and one of the last to return each spring, it is driven by its next great destination. Like us, the blue-winged teal embodies distinction, refinement and the desire to go the distance to gather for warmth and adventure.

Destined for Adventure

GenTeal Apparel is made for more. With the next great adventure in mind, we craft clothing that transitions from the boardroom to weekend getaways, and every moment in between. 

The Finest Performance

At GenTeal, we design clothing from premium, innovative materials that are made to go where our customers go. With a focus on thoughtful details and versatile fabrics, our clothing is tailored for those constantly seeking their next great destination, wherever that may be.

Rugged and Refined

GenTeal Apparel seamlessly blends refined style with rugged performance, offering wardrobe staples fit for a morning on the links, an afternoon business meeting or a weekend at the lodge. Our pieces offer unbeatable comfort in classic styles that stand the test of time and travel.

In Good Company

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